President's Coordinating Council to look into foreign policy matters

Pretoria - Foreign policy matters will be addressed in the President's Coordinating Council, the Presidency said on Tuesday.

The statutory forum which is chaired by President Jacob Zuma brings together the leadership of national, provincial and local government where they share ideas and coordinate government programmes for the benefit of citizens.

It is also used to promote sound cooperative governance.

“The Council meets quarterly and has not met since the local government elections. It will at the right time, discuss matters relating to foreign policy coordination as part of its agenda in order to ensure synergy within the three spheres,” the Presidency said.

The statement from the Presidency follows ongoing debate on the visit to Taiwan by the Mayor of Tshwane.

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation (DIRCO) had indicated that the visit was a breach of South Africa's foreign policy of the One China Policy.

Taiwan is not recognised as a sovereign state by South Africa and the United Nations despite South Africa maintaining a Liaison office in Taipei as does the Taiwanese in Pretoria.

The Presidency assured that government as a whole remains committed to sound relations and cooperation between the three spheres of government at all times, and to continuously promote coordination and communication. -